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Our organization grew out of a men’s group that was meeting once a week to share the Lord and His work in our lives. At one point we were drawn to take a mission trip. We connected with a friend, Juan Guerra, who now lives in Guatemala. That was our first mission trip in 2018.

As we came to know Juan better and the work he and his wife Betty were doing we wanted to support them more. We worked through a local church, have made additional trips to Guatemala, and plan more trips in the future.

In order to further the effects of the ministry, we determined it best to form "The Lord's Hands and Feet". This will allow others to give and join us as we serve as the Lord leads us all.

Whether we install stoves, assist in church construction or provide food, the community at large is encouraged by Christians thousands of miles away assisting them and sharing Christ.


Juan visited his daughter who was living in Guatemala. He planned to stay one month. That was 10 years ago. Now Juan is married to Betty, a native Guatemalan, and calls Guatemala home. He handles translation and logistics for various medical, construction, and mission groups that come to Guatemala. He and Betty have a heart to reach out to the needy saints throughout the country. They have begun leading groups to help with construction, installing stoves, and feeding the poor.

Juan and Betty Guerra
The Lord's Hands and Feet Ministries

We are a Christian organization working with fellow believers in third-world countries. Our goal is to aid the saints by helping to meet their physical and spiritual needs. We want to see the word of God spread to all people.

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