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Over 90% of rural Guatemalan families use wood as cooking fuel. Most cook on an open fires inside the home. Open-fire cooking causes serious health issues - respiratory illnesses, eye problems and severe burns especially among young children. Every six hours someone in Guatemala dies from respiratory infection or disease attributable to indoor air pollution. We want to continue providing families with safe, fuel efficient Chispa stoves. These stoves are made right in Guatemala making an improved stove available as well as providing work locally.


In Guatemala churches build as they have funds and they do not use mortgages. They will build as much as they can with the funds they have and then stop until more funds become available. We work with local church pastors to identify needs and raise funds to build churches to serve the local community.


Guatemala was hit hard with Covid and many services were shut down. Because of political problems much of the aid does not reach the neediest people. We are taking food to rural areas. The elderly are especially in need and $15 can feed an elderly couple for 4 weeks.

The Lord's Hands and Feet Ministries

We are a Christian organization working with fellow believers in third-world countries. Our goal is to aid the saints by helping to meet their physical and spiritual needs. We want to see the word of God spread to all people.

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